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IdZie Jude
IdZie Jude
2003- 2008
Nancy was a Godsend to
 us during one of the most difficult times in our  family's history. We lost our beloved Bernese, IdZie, after a seven week ordeal. IdZie had developed splenic cancer, which took her life. Nancy was there every step of the way, checking with IdZie to see how she was feeling and what we could do for her. With Nancy's help, we were able to offer IdZie the assistance and comfort she needed. We were also able to help her cross over when the time was right.
Nancy's talks with IdZie made a world of difference. Knowing IdZie's thoughts and wishes was such a comfort to us and helped us get through a heartbreaking situation.
We tried other well known animal communicators, with great disappointment. They did not have a true connection with IdZie, as Nancy did. We will be eternally grateful to her and highly recommend her.
Marcy, Tim & OuJay
Sedona, Arizona
                         Ducatti and Charlie
Cats that no longer fight
I have two male rescue cats, Ducatti and Charlie.As much as I love these guys, the continual fighting was wearing on the nerves of the household.
Nancy was able to sort out some issues between them, which seemed to work, as the fighting never again reached the fever pitch that it was.
The difference in our home is quite good.
M. McMurray D.V.M.
Dog who told me about his injuries
Jigsaw was just a young pup when he ran into traffic, resulting in severe spinal, leg and head injuries. I asked him to hold on for me but then felt guilty when I was told how difficult his recovery would be.
Nancy spoke to Jigsaw and he reassured her that he did want to live.
He showed Nancy his first owner and told her he wished to stay with me.He showed Nancy all his injuries, including internal swelling in one leg that had been missed.He asked me to be patient as he recovered and told her that he did understand me, when I talked to him. This was a great relief to me.

              Jewel and Little Teddy 
My little guy Teddy was killed on the road and through Nancy,we were able to confirm                 that he had been hit by the school bus.
He told Nancy, that he made a mistake and he would return in July and indeed he did! This time around, we named him Lewis. Although he was a pure bred Havanese, with two white parents, he was the same tri colour as Teddy had been.
Jewel and Teddy Talked to in spiritWhen Nancy talked to Jewel, our lab., about none of this being her fault, she showed great relief. She further went on to tell Nancy that she was disgusted with some of the neighbours who kill animals with guns. She hates the noise of "their gunfire and their idiot dogs who howl all the time." Jewel is a gentle dog and Nancy got her personality and Teddy's right on.She had no way to know that our neighbours, who keep hunting dogs, do make a lot of noise. After Nancy spoke to Jewel, she was much more animated and appeared happier.
I recommend Nancy 100%.
Rev. Gloria Pritchard
Ava Back home again after being lostWhen my indoor cat, Ava, jumped through a second floor window of my apartment, I was so stressed! I was staking out culverts, as well as searching in the night and always fearing the worst, after reports of foxes and coyotes. After tracking her for almost 2 weeks, Nancy was not only able to tell me where she was but gave me an accurate description of the woman who had taken her in. Nancy has an uncanny ability to speak to and hear animals. I give her 5 ***** !
Laurie Simpson

I found him after being lost overnight
I was so scared when Jackson went missing, being only a 5 month old kitten, with no collar. I contacted Nancy and she was able to contact Jackson  and let me know his thoughts and where he was. I was so relieved and she gave me the hope I needed. Nancy was able to correctly tell me his location and even gave me an accurate description of the woman who had taken him in.
Nancy was definitely an angel, sent to me in my hour of need.
I definitely recommend her services to anyone and will spread the word of how wonderful she is!  Take care Nancy and continue to be an angel for those in need.
Heather Mancuso
Haliburton, ON.
I would like to thank you for the very quick return of our dog, Bling and over the phone, no less! After bolting from our home and not returning overnight, you were able to connect and get him back to us within two hours. I am extremely impressed by your abilities!
Morgan Jarvis
Bob, who talked to meThanks again, Nancy, for talking to Bob about his move to a new stable. He had no problem leaving Sparky, or the usual problem of getting on the trailer, once you spoke to him. He was able to tell you that he was indeed hungry most of the time and did not wish to stay at his present stable.
He seems very content at his new stable and gets to go inside to a roomy stall every night, as he requested. I'm relieved.You can tell that he is happy and no longer hungry!
Jenn Abbott
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